Women of the end of the world

Today I want to talk about something that is very valuable for me. This is because I share the same gender and because it’s such a good thing to see that there is no convenience when we put our problems and prejudices for background, and go out, travelling with no fears.

I am talking about women. Women that travel alone. Women of different ages, different countries, leaving with their backpacks, with no destination defined, just to know this world. A world of everybody, that has so much to give us.

Let’s begin:

Piper, 28 years old, from United States of America. She has a perfect job for her, in a Vegan food company, that does the distribution for school’s canteens in three states of América – Illinois, Ohio, Indian. This situation put’s her in a position with no fixed home, moving state to state. Every year she has 4 months to travel, choosing the winter months, because, obviously, she does not like the cold. She inspires everybody around her, sharing social activism issues.

Isabel, did not want to tell us her age. She’s from Barcelona and worked a lot of years in music industry. She dealed with people like David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna and others. She putted so much in this job that, probably, prevented her from relating to someone and create a family. 10 years ago, she gave up and went to work in another company, selling online tickets. Recently, she rented her house, sold her car, made a new hairstyle and paused her life for 2 years to travel: 1 year in Asia, another in South America. Time is no problem for her.  Now she watches us, younger people, as we were very brave for travel at such a young age. But for us, she is one of the most courageous person we met.

Marie, 25 years old, French. She finished her studies with a great job opportunity who did not waste. For 2 years she helped to create a new company, with good moments. But the routine just appeared and when the company decided to move to another city, Marie made the big decision: she quit her job and make something that she wanted to do in the time that she finished her studies: travelling for 7 or 8 months to try new experiences.

Claudia, 32, from Mexico. She grew up in a large family, surrounded for 5 brothers. She is a very nice football player and we love her jokes that don’t stop coming out of her mouth. Claudia has great and practical ideas, with the capacity to solve any problem. She’s going to interrupt her journey in Asia in August, because of her sister’s wedding. Until then she’s got all time of the world to plan the day of tomorrow. She left a job in Mexico that is easy to return when she comes back. If she comes back…

Couple of weeks ago, João was telling me: “I am very impressed. There are more women travelling alone than man”. Maybe because no fear is imposed on men; nobody tells them what to do or not to do when they are alone because could be dangerous; nobody tells them that their parents are out of their mind to leave them so loose; nobody tells them what to dress to avoid some problems. They, men, they just travel. The woman, who is told all this and more, adopts a position of resistance, doing in the bravest possible way, to leave their beautiful footprints in the world.

I admire them.

I admire them because, before this journey that we began in January, it seemed impossible to do something like this. Maybe because of my family background, or maybe because it is such intrinsic in our culture, like it should not be.

Today, I have the luck to have my best friend, confident and lover with me, but if in the future, for some reason, arise the opportunity to travel alone, it will be not such a big problem for me.

They are four of the many women who go to the end of the world. With no restraint, no trauma and no fear.


(Este texto foi escrito em inglês devido às intervenientes. Um agradecimento especial a todas elas.)

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